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Experience Jardena's magic in cultivating transformational leadership and helping create organizations that feed the soul. 

Agile to Agility Podcaast w_Miljan Bajic.png
Cultivating Transformations, Leadership, & Systemic Change
Agile to Agility Podcast
Episode #68 // June 2022
Spamcast Podcast w_Thomas Cagley.png
A Leader's Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical, A Conversation 
SPaMCAST Episode #697 //
April 2022
TechLead Journal Podcast.png
Transformational Leadership: A Guide for the Soulful and Practical Leaders - Jardena London
TechLead Journal #77 //
February 2022
How to Maintain your Happiness at work.p
How to Maintain your Happiness
at Work
Business Transformation Network// November 2018
Agile Uprising Podcast.png
Structural Agility with
Jardena London
Agile Uprising Podcast // December 2020
Transformational Leadership for CTOs.png
Transformational Leadership
for CTO's 
IT Labs: CTO Confessions // June 2020
Structural Agility to Enable Flow.png
Structural Agility to Enable Flow
Agile Amped // September 2020
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