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Jardena’s mission is to help organizations become healthy, productive, profitable, and fun. Jardena has spoken on many stages worldwide, written a library of thought-provoking blogs and featured articles, as well as her highly praised book, Cultivating Transformations: A Leader's Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical. 


Jardena is a leading speaker and writer who captures the attention of her audience with her message in a clear and compelling way. She expresses her insights in a way that is easy, and relatable and captivates her audience when she speaks, whether it’s with her strong stage presence or her written word. 


Let Jardena connect with your audience on stage, on your podcast, or as a guest blogger or editor. She will bring a unique edge and connect with your audience on a personal level. We would love to hear about your media opportunity and how Jardena can help contribute to it.

Jardena is an expert thought leader on these various topics: 

  • You have Transformation in Your Title …Now What? 

  • Cultivating Transformations: Connecting the Soulful and the Practical 

  • Thriving People Create Thriving Financials 

  • Organizational Resiliency Through a Living Systems Lens

  • Designing Organizations for Adaptability/Designing Organizations for a Changing Workplace 

  • How to Change Our Work From Soul Crushing to Soul Nourishing 

Connect with us HERE for media requests, and download Jardena's media kit below for her press info. 

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