Consulting services to help your organization build adaptive structures, shape a courageous culture and instill practices for a thriving, vibrant company.

Jardena’s mission is to help organizations become healthy, productive, and fun. Specializing in Business Agility Transformations with the goal of helping large organizations improve their value delivery and create a healthy team culture, Jardena embraces the unique mission, character, and constraints of each organization by leveraging patterns and situational experience while tailoring her approach to fit each client.

When Jardena helps companies connect the practices they use to the soul of the company, and the souls of the individuals, it breathes life into the company.  This happens through Business Agility practices, Dare to Lead training, and Leadership Agility coaching.


- By helping organizations shed the heavy process that unblocks the path to value 


- Aligning conflicting priorities across the company and building shared goals that will get the company out of its own way

- Development of an Agile ecosystem by evolving structure, culture, and practices

- Application of capabilities from our vast toolbox: Agile practices, organizational behavior tools, governance models, metrics, coaching, and facilitation

- Providing consulting services to help your organization build adaptive structures, shape a courageous culture, and instill practices for a thriving, vibrant company

- By peeling away the things that are blocking energy in the organization and replacing them with lightweight practices, the organization’s soul can shine  


Jardena will help you learn to create conditions to cultivate your organization as a living system because unlike directing machines, living systems have an expansiveness outside of what is currently known.


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