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Experience Jardena's magic in cultivating transformational leadership and helping create organizations that feed the soul. 


Cultivating Transformations

A Leader's Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical

Transformational Leadership is a soulful practice, a practical job, and everything in between. 

You are breathing new life into an organization, and that energy comes from the spirit of the people. Transformations are usually designed to improve business results, but what’s the point if it doesn’t make our lives better? 


The nature of transformation is that it’s about uncharted territory, and that means that the answers are unknown.  This book will offer you tools to get oriented, identify patterns, and work through the challenges without feeling lost and overwhelmed.  


If you’ve ever felt like you could help but no one was listening, or people were resistant to your help, this book will help you stay grounded and supported in your work.  When it starts to feel like it’s you against the world, this book and this community are here for solace and support.


This book will be your partner while you dance between the soulful and practical.

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"This is the book that you buy and carry around with you everywhere. It’s the guide that you should read before you read anything else about leadership. Jardena has taken the core competencies required of every leader looking to lead change in their organization and woven them together in a beautiful tapestry with vivid, real and poignant stories that are easily accessible, memorable and actionable."

-Marsha Acker // CEO, TeamCatapult and author

The Art & Science of Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Collaboration with Agile Teams

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The Journal of Business Agility 
Rethinking Work & The Workplace
Before We Reinvent, We Must Heal // May 2022

Jardena had the honor of being a contributor for the Emergence: The Journal of Business Agility which explores "Rethinking the Workplace".

This piece fires up the conversation of Organizational Pain and how before we reinvent, we must heal.

What’s the point of transforming the way we work if it doesn’t make our lives any better? Re-imagining the workplace is impossible until we heal the pain that exists today.


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Jardena London on Knowing Your Impact

Defining Moments of Leadership podcast hosted by Marsha Acker // June 2022

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Cultivating Transformations, Leadership,

& Systemic Change

Agile to Agility PodcastEpisode #68 // June 2022

Spamcast Podcast w_Thomas Cagley.png

A Leader's Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical, A Conversation 

SPaMCAST Episode #697 //April 2022

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Transformational Leadership: A Guide for the Soulful and Practical Leaders - Jardena London

TechLead Journal #77 // February 2022

Agile Uprising Podcast.png

Structural Agility with Jardena London

Agile Uprising Podcast  // December 2020

Transformational Leadership for CTOs.png

Transformational Leadership for CTOs

IT Labs: CTO Confessions  // June 2020

Structural Agility to Enable Flow.png

Structural Agility to Enable Flow

Agile Amped // September 2020


How to Maintain your Happiness at work.p

How to Maintain your Happiness at work

Business Transformation Network // November 2018




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Can You Have Soul At Work?

Work By Design© Summit  // June 2022

Business Agility Live.png

How Transformational Leadership is Key for Every Organization 

Business Agility Live // May 2020



Can you have Soul at Work?.png

Can you have Soul at Work?

Business Agility Conference // March 2020



Leading a Transformation Without Getting

Leading a Transformation Without Getting Fired

Business Agility Conference South Africa // February 2020



Creating Structural Agility With Living

Creating Structural Agility With Living Systems

IT Labs // May 2020




Not trading your happiness for money.png

Not Trading Your Happiness For Money

Business Transformation Network // November 2018

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How can Structure help your business achieve true Agility, and survive the challenges posed by the changing environment? 

The goal of Business Agility is to adapt and respond to the pressures of a changing environment, but no business can function without a structure that guides decision-making, governance practices, and working methods. So what is Structural Agility, and what role does Structure play in an organization’s journey toward creating an agile environment? 


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